Sunday, November 6, 2016

DTW DeathTube #3, Claudia RP 1/1: I bet her throat tastes like peaches.

I have a mission to complete. A top secret mission. A super duper ultra black top secret mission to carry out on behalf of my cute, cuddly, ice-cold not-quite-so-evil overlord Kalinda.

So secret, in fact, that she doesn't know about it.

She probably wouldn't approve of it, and it would make her depressed to think about, so I'm not going to tell her about it.

As a right and proper minion it is my duty to serve my mistress and do my best to make her happy and contented. Sometimes just being my usually silly clowny self is enough, but sometimes it's not.

The boss lady's got a big thing coming up, some kind of one night random tournament-y thing in DTW that she's kind of honked off about.

DTW DeathTube #3, Kalinda RP 1/1: Sky Blue and the Seven Dorks

I can't stop smiling.

I was trapped in a dumpster filled with barbed wire that had become so entangled and embedded in my clothes that I had to leave a goodly portion of them behind. Not that they weren't ruined to begin with, as a good deal of my opponent's blood had splattered all over them.

The dumb bald bastard had dragged us both into my goddamned dumpster full of barbed wire. Me being so much heavier and falling in first, I pretty much sank to the bottom. Him being merely mortal and not virtually indestructible, he managed to actually get the barbed lodged in his flesh rather than just his clothing.

We both required several men with bolt cutters to get us out.

Riddick went to the hospital, while I pulled my Coat of Holding out of thin air, put it on, and walked to the back.

It's the most fun I'd had in a wrestling match in a long time. Hell, it might be my favorite wrestling match I've ever taken part in period.